Innoflex Incorporated offers straightforward solutions for your flexible packaging needs. Most of Innoflex Incorporated’s proven technology requires only minor modifications to existing equipment. We focus on the details in order to provide our clients with innovative packaging solutions without major equipment overhaul or expenditures.

Added Value

Our technology exceeds at providing our clients with value they can realize. We provide cost effective solutions that save you money and time while providing leading edge technology. Value is built directly into our technology by saving customers from added expenses like unnecessary capital investments, reducing scrap and increasing line speed.


Our products and technology have the advantage of being able to run on a variety of packaging systems, from pre-made pouch, VFFS, and Horizontal machines. The Inno-LokTM machine is capable of running 3 different closure technologies with minor change-over requirements.


Innoflex's technology promotes ease of use and increased functionality in all of our products. Whatever your vision is for your package you have the ability to customize it the way you want. Our technology allows you to best size the closure opening to your product, allowing you to offer the closure that best fits the size of the product.