In 1997, Innoflex in partnership with The Hudson-Sharp Machine Company introduced INNO-LOK® and literally changed the way zippers are applied to packaging. INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film is a patented product and method for attaching re-closable fasteners transversely to packaging films, thereby producing a roll of pre-zippered film. INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film can be used for barrier and non-barrier packaging applications.

INNO-LOK® Information for Packagers: INNO-LOK® provides the flexibility to run both reclosable or regular bags on any packaging lines without additional capital expenditures to produce reclosable packages. INNO-LOK® makes it possible to begin producing reclosable packages within 4 weeks on any existing VFFS equipment.

INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film offers

Converters looking to purchase an INNO-LOK® machine

INNO-LOK® Pre-zippered film machines, produced by The Hudson-Sharp Machine Company can supply your packaging customers with VALUE ADDED, convenient, reclosable packaging solutions.

INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film can be applied to many different applications:

*Only minor clearance modifications to packagers’ Form, Fill, Seal (FFS) tube may be required in order to run INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film.

INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film running on conventional FFS packaging equipment is comparable to conventional non-zippered films.

*The INNO-LOK® zipper can be any length you desire. As short as practical or as long as the face width of the package or gusset panel.

The estimated per package cost of INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film depends on the end-use application and package design:

Typically the zipper fasteners will be pre-applied to the packaging film by the converter, not the packager.

INNO-LOK® Advantages

INNO-LOK® Zipper Profiles

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