Innoflex Incorporated is a multi-faceted company that specializes in innovative flexible packaging applications and technologies. All of Innoflex Incorporated’s designs and processes are registered patents, which are then licensed to third-party converters and end-users within the flexible packaging industry. We provide packaging solutions for our customers that are Simple, Value Added, Versatile, and Functional.

Three areas of expertise include developing proprietary technology, product and processes consulting, and helping people with unique ideas obtain a patent then turning it into a commercial product.

Innoflex Incorporated is a valued extension of our customers, working hand in hand and supporting our customers' efforts to satisfy the flexible packaging needs of the end user and ultimately the consumer.

Our Mission

Innoflex Incorporated is a company dedicated to packaging innovation and improvement. It is our mission to aid and assist our customers in creating innovative solutions to meet the demands and challenges of their customers. We value our relationship with our customers and believe in fostering new ideas and innovation in a synergetic environment. Our goal is the advancement of our customers, as well as, the industry itself.



As President of Innoflex, Inc. since its 1996 inception, his innovative designs and technological thinking have been a driving force behind the success of this company which supplies patented technology to the packaging industry. He currently holds 33 US Patents, as well as, international patents in at least 19 foreign countries. He enjoys and is proficient in the patent law process.

Yeager's career began as a Mechanical Engineer in the flexible packaging arena in 1980. Spending sixteen years working directly in the industry and holding positions ranging from plant manager, general manager, to technical manager have provided him a unique perspective on the needs of engineering and process systems.


Primarily responsible for driving the sales and marketing of the Innoflex Incorporated intellectual property. Hogan provides strong interface and support for the Inno-Lok converters, especially in the early stages of acquiring an Inno-Lok system. In addition to working closely with our customers, Hogan is deeply involved with end user, pull-through marketing aimed at promoting recloseability in multi-portion packaging.

Hogan has over 40 years experience in the specialty film and packaging industry. During that time he has held such positions as; Production Manager, Plant Manager, Regional Sales Manager, VP Sales & Marketing and Group VP of a major extrusion company. In addition to his partner, Jim Yeager, Mr. Hogan also holds numerous patents.